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Alive is a consulting firm that helps leaders build globally sustainable possibilities. As leaders, you understand that the future is full of opportunities but yet filled with uncertainties. Alive brings to you not only a strategic view point but also a practitioner’s view of leadership that focusses on execution excellence and consistency.


Leaders need to manage volatility and rapid change. They need resilience and the ability to build sustainable solutions that work with the laws of nature and deliver returns to every stakeholder. Alive helps groom such leaders within your organization. Alive also helps you identify and groom future leaders.

Design Thinking


As companies move up the value chain, the need to re-think User Experience becomes an imperative. Alive helps companies with Design Thinking workshops where the organization is made to think of design from a user perspective.

Shared Services Consulting


Alive helps companies with their Shared Services Model and Strategy and helps them in their journey of setting up a Shared Service Organizaton or an Outsourced Model.

Come along and bring alive that leader in you!!!

Customer Speak


Aviv Shahar, CEO, Aviv Consulting


I was fortunate to collaborate with Ravi when he asked me to help the transformation he was leading at Hewlett Packard's Global Multi-function Shared Services. This is an organization that is 18000+ strong and spread across 58 countries.  Ravi demonstrated the unique ability to combine vision for the business together with an organizational vision and insight to each of the individuals on his team. 

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